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2020 Gun Rights News

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CAUTION: Federal and state firearms laws are subject to frequent change. This summary is not to be considered as legal advice or a restatement of law. To determine the applicability of these laws to specific situations which you may encounter, you are strongly urged to consult a local attorney. 

2019 Gun Rights News



Pennsylvania AG Targets Partially-Manufactured Receivers, Gun Owners 

Virginia Gov. Northam Wants to Ban Your Guns AND Make You Pay for It! 

Puerto Rico Enacts Pro-gun Overhaul of Firearms Laws 


First Amendment Defends the Second 

Virginia Gov. Northam Seeks Gun Registration as Down Payment on Gun Confiscation 

Nevada Concealed Firearm Permit Holders Lose NICS Exemption for Private Transfers 

Texas Gun Control Advocates Deride Actual Firearms Safety Efforts 


Bloomberg Bought Virginia Legislators Introduce Confiscatory Gun Ban 

Joe Biden Wants to Ban 9mm Pistols 

Gun Confiscation: The Exit-Strategy for Failing Campaigns? 

Professor Elizabeth Warren Offers Class in Political Linguistics 

Meet anNRA Virginia mom who is telling voters to ‘watch out’ for Bloomberg’s tricks in 2020 


Joe Biden and His Gift for Gaffes 

No Protection for the Law that Protects the Firearm Industry

Sanders Burns the 2020 Democratic Primary Gun Control Agenda 

Trading Freedom for Safety 


A New Candidate for Confiscator-in-Chief 

Strong Firearms Preemption Laws are More Important Than Ever 

National Hearing Conservation Association Supports Suppressors 


Bloomberg’s Gun Control Apparatus Lies to Virginia’s Firearm Owners in Election Mailing 

Do as I Say Not as I Do 

Benghazi Survivor Tig Tiegen Speaks Out Against Dems’ Gun Control Schemes 


Anti-gun Ghosts Consider Challenges to President Trump as Current Field Falters 

Of Course Shannon Watts and Everytown are Anti-gun and Hate the Second Amendment 

NRA & Gun Owners Win. Bloomberg / Everytown Lose. 

NRA Member spotlight: Meet the Man Who Helped Turn an Anti-Gun Townhall into a Pro-gun Rally 


Veteran Criticizes Police Practices, Gets Guns and Firearm License Seized by Chief of Police 

Confiscation or "Mandatory Buyback"? 

California Gun Confiscation Draws ACLU Opposition 

Assault on Firearm Industry Fails: Federal Court Dismisses Ohio Lawsuit 


Dick’s Spends Big on Gun-Chopping, Virtue-Signaling Bonanza (But It Will Still Sell You a Firearm) 

Virginia’s Anti-gun Politicians Put Politics Before Fighting Gun Crime 

Number of Concealed Carry Permit Holders Increased Again 

Grassroots Spotlight: NRA-ILA Fighting the Bloomberg Money In Virginia 2019 Elections 


MSNBC’s Las Vegas Anti-Gun Rally 

San Francisco Mayor Waffles on NRA “Terrorist” Group Designation 

Federal Court Entertains Bizarre Legal Theories That Threaten Gun Owners, Rule of Law 

Violent Crime Dropped in 2018 

Member Spotlight: Meet the Police Officer Who Told Congress She ‘Would Not Comply' with a Gun Ban 


Illinois: Committee Rules May Shut Down Gun Stores


Virginia Police Chief Advocates Ban on All Guns at U.S. House “Assault Weapons” Hearing 

Where the House Judiciary Actually Got Things Right 

Anti-gun AGs Push So-called “Universal” Background Checks for Ammunition 

NRA Supports Supreme Court Petition Against Massachusetts Semi-Auto Ban 


U.S. Supreme Court Schedules NRA-Supported Second Amendment Case for Argument

The Hopkins Hypocrite: Michael Bloomberg Touts Free Speech While Another Bloomberg Entity Degrades It

Beto's Confiscation Plan Shows Why Gun Owners Must Reject Appeasement 


NRA Files Suit Against San Francisco for Violating First Amendment 

Beto Going All-In on Confiscation 

House Democrats Continue Unprecedented Push for More Gun Control 

Tell Your Lawmakers: No Semi-Auto and Magazine Ban! 


San Francisco Board of Supervisors Declares NRA a “Domestic Terrorist Organization” “Pro-gun” Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Turns on Second Amendment Supporters, Sides With Anti-Gun Lobby 

Walmart Clamps Down on Firearm and Ammunition Sales 


News Flash: Legally Buying a Gun Isn’t So Easy After All 

NASCAR Takes a Hard Left

California Mayor to Tax Law-abiding Gun Owners for the Actions of Criminals 


Marching Toward Gun Confiscation: Prohibition Advocates Released Unhinged Gun Control Plan

Divide and Conquer: Giffords (Formerly LCAV) Looks to Split Gun Owners to Enact Controls

Flag on the Play: Media Promotes Gun Confiscation Laws by Exaggerating “Study” Results


Senate Dems deliver stunning warning to Supreme Court: ‘Heal’ or face restructuring


No, Joe, Your Gun Ban Didn’t Work

​​Amnesty International’s Desperate Measure

​​Another Week, Another Democrat Presidential Contender Out to Round Up America's Guns

Sparking Dialogue or Sparking Joy: Competing Views on Gun “Buyback” Initiatives


Tell Your U.S. Senators and Representative to Oppose Gun Control

​​Bill Clinton Touts Failed Gun Ban With Bogus Info

​​“Universal” Background Checks Aren’t as Universally Popular as You’ve Been Led to Believe

​​Kamala Harris and Her Perplexing Anti-Gun Ideas


A Pair of Academics Question Gun Control Orthodoxy

“Smart” Guns and Mandatory Storage: Two Bad Policy Ideas Cut from the Same Tattered Cloth

​​Never Enough: New Zealand Government Pushes Even More Gun Control


Oregon: Initiative Filed to Restrict Self-Defense


“Fact Checker:” Joe Biden’s “Gun Ban” Not a Gun Ban Because Some Guns Wouldn’t Be Banned

​​Presidential Pretender Who Campaigned on Gun Control First to Call It Quits

​​Hollywood Fantasy v. Reality on Firearm Suppressors


New Zealand Experience Further Proves Registration Facilitates Confiscations

Vox Wants to Take Your Guns

​​Recent Poll Shows Gun Control Not as Popular as Some Would Like to Believe


Study Reinforces What We Already Know: Criminals Don’t Follow the Law

Living in La-La Land: Joe Biden’s Alternative Reality

​​60 Minutes “Research” Discovers Bullets Can Cause Damage


Video: Arrogant Illinois State Senator Proposes Confiscating Guns

A Tale of Two Rallies

Bloomberg Course: Certified in Advocacy


Don’t Say They Didn’t Warn You: Left Leaning Voices Question Democrats’ Anti-Gun Proposals, Fervor

Pittsburgh Mayor Presents DICK’S CEO an Award for Gun Control Advocacy

​​Advice Columnist Tells Father to Evict Daughter from His House for Owning a Gun


Salesforce says some firearms can no longer be sold using company software: report

John Lott: After Virginia Beach shooting, Dems seek ban on ‘silencers’ that don’t make guns silent

​​Texas governor signs bill allowing more armed teachers

30 Colorado sheriffs join opposition to gun magazine ban facing challenge in state Supreme Court​​


NRA Supported Case Calls for Suspension of Illinois’s FOID Act

New York Times Admits Privately-Funded “Gun Violence” Research is a Thing

Bloomberg Course: Policies Based on Selective Evidence, Anti-Gun Preferences


Illinois: House Passes FOID Fee Increase & Mandatory Fingerprinting


Illinois: House to Consider FOID Fee Increase & Mandatory Fingerprinting

Democrats Now Opposed to Safe Neighborhoods?

New Federal Law Will Promote Target Range Development on Public Lands

Kamala Harris and the News Media Don’t Know What They Don’t Know


Federal Judge Refuses to Dismiss NRA/SAF Suit Against Washington Gun Control

Activists Urge Approval Of Proposal To Require Fingerprints For Illinois Gun Licenses, More Background Checks For Firearm Purchases


Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Only What We Want Ye to Hear


Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) Pushes May-Issue Federal Firearm Owner Licensing and Gun Confiscation

“Rap Back” or Rip-Off? Aloha State Gun Owners Sue for Disclosure of Information

State of “Gun Violence” in the United States


Report: UK Gun Owner Loses Licenses Over Social Media Presence


MSNBC Reporter Unwittingly Discovers the Importance of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Pro-Gun Congressmen Introduce Bill to Modernize Gun Sales

NYC’s “Desperate Attempt” to Delay Proceedings in Gun Rights Case Rejected by Supreme Court


Citi's gun crackdown gives ammo to 2nd Amendment foes, advocate says


NRA Statement on New York City's Desperate Attempt to Avoid Supreme Court Review

Another Day, Another Hearing with Anti-Gun Democrats Grandstanding on Firearms


Illinois: Legislation To Ban Private Transfers & Seize Firearms Introduced

USA Today Opinion: Why I learned to use a gun at a mature age and now carry one

Kamala Harris Calls for Gun Ban, Reveals Logical Weakness of Anti-gun Position


Dick’s Sporting Goods Loses $150 million on Gun Control Crusade

Questionable Metrics in New Study


Breaking! Federal Court Finds California Magazine Ban Violates the Second Amendment

Ocasio-Cortez Joins Effort to Pressure Banks into Adopting the Far Left’s Anti-gun Agenda

ESPN Sportscaster Attacks Sportsman


Republicans Introduce Bill to Prevent Big Banks from Targeting Gun Industry

Mike Crapo warns big banks against caving to progressives on guns


Sanders: U.S. must follow New Zealand's lead and ban assault weapons

‘This is what leadership looks like’: U.S. Democrats rally as New Zealand bans military-style guns


Activist Court Turns the Law Designed to Protect the Firearm Industry from Frivolous Lawsuits on its Head


Kentucky Governor Welcomes NRA to Bill Signing Ceremony


Yesterday’s Scandal, Today’s Mandate: Anti-gunner Embraces Operation Choke Point as Official Policy


Governor Bevin Signs NRA-backed Constitutional Carry


Illinois: Bill to Create Gun Seizure Regime Introduced

Hawaii: Gun Control Bills Pass Chamber of Origin & Resolution Introduced to Redefine or Repeal the Second Amendment


H.R. 8 Votes Reveal Dem House Leadership Values Illegal Aliens over Law-abiding Gun Owners

Federal Gun Control is on the Move! Tell Your Senators to Oppose H.R.8, S.42 and H.R. 1112!


House Democrats weigh rules change after GOP floor victory

Minnesota Democrats advance gun restrictions in late-night vote


Please Contact Your U.S. Representative Today and Ask Them to Vote Against H.R. 8 and H.R. 1112!


Gun Control to Be Heard on the Floor of the House of Representatives Next Week

Bloomberg’s Everytown: Criminalizing Private Transfers is About Creating “Culture of Compliance”


U.S. House to Vote on Pelosi Gun Control Bills!


H.R. 8 Markup: Liberal Democrats Markup Gun Control Legislation


Another Study Blames Guns, Excludes Reality

Polls: No Lasting Support for Gun Control One Year After Parkland

Turning a Right into a Privilege: HR 1112 Gives Feds Unfettered Power to Block Gun Sales


Illinois: Gun Tax Legislation Introduced


House to Move Forward with Ineffective Gun Control Proposals

Everytown Ignoring Bloomberg’s Findings


Illinois: Bill to Punish Victims of Crime to be Heard


Illinois: Ammunition Registry Bill Introduced


Congress to Take Up Gun Control Next Week

Kamala Harris Calls for Gun Ban, Reveals Logical Weakness of Anti-gun Position

Oklahoma! Musical Producers Take Anti-gun Pandering Clear Up to the Sky


IL Gun Owners Facing The Fight of Our Lives!

IL CCL Renewal Info


South Dakota: House Passes Constitutional/Permitless Carry Legislation


Illinois: Social Media Search Bill & Other Anti-Gun Legislation Introduced in House

Bloomberg Wants Armed Guards for Alma Mater as He Seeks to Disarm Average Citizens


Illinois: Bill Introduced to Ban Many Firearms & Accessories


Illinois: Firearm Registration & Dealer Licensing Bill May Reach New Governor’s Desk


NRA Applauds Hudson's Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act to Eliminate Confusing Patchwork of State Laws